Low Price, High Performance

ServBay is priced, but your time is not

ServBay Free

Professional features and a rich development kit to meet all the daily development needs of individual developers

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  • 5 hosts (websites)
  • Custom domain name
  • Private CA and free SSL certificate
  • Multiple PHP instances running simultaneously
  • Supports MariaDB
  • Supports PostgreSQL
  • Supports Redis
  • Supports Memcached
  • 5 additional DNS records
14-Day Free Trial

ServBay Pro

Aimed at professional developers or small startup teams, it includes unlimited features as well as some collaborative capabilities

$99 /year
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  • Everything in ServBay Free
  • 2 device licenses
  • Unlimited hosts (websites)
  • Multi-domain/alias support
  • Unlimited DNS records
  • Manage hosts file
  • Multiple MariaDB instances running simultaneously
  • Multiple PostgreSQL instances running simultaneously
  • Technical support (Email, Telegram, Discord)
  • And more...

ServBay Team

Designed for high-efficiency and high-collaboration teams, it adds the features needed for team collaboration, helping team leaders align the team's daily development environment

$299 /year
  • Everything in ServBay Pro
  • Share to team
  • And more...
Can't decide?

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